Kwido Salud is a telemedicine platform for monitoring the health of elderly people

Kwido Salud offers affordable and accessible telemedicine services in day centres and care homes, as well as in the individual’s home.

It is the ideal solution for companies in the healthcare sector, especially those which are unable to access in-person medical services due to distance or the price of these services.

We have an app for mobiles or tablets where professionals at patients’ homes or nursing homes can quickly update the daily health data of all their elderly patients, even through wireless devices.

They have at their disposal a comprehensive system for allocating health variables to be measured for each patient, with customised alerts and a full schedule of tasks for each centre and each professional.

With an alert system, even for cases of no data information. All in a very accessible, safe and market-proven system, which will even work in environments with connectivity issues.

Benefits of telemedicine for home care businesses

kwido sistema de telemedicina

Remote medical services in residences

Kwido Health is a telemedicine platform that allows 24/7 monitoring of a patient’s health in residential environments which lack their own medical services. It offers real-time information on the state of a patient’s health thanks to full remote access for doctors, helping to reduce expenses derived from travel.

Our services for home support and telecare companies

The solution offered by Kwido Health is fully comprehensive and flexible, designed to adapt to the specific needs of the organization and its users.

The use of different measuring devices allows you to create personalized cases for your professionals, and thus offer a service that is increasingly in demand and valued, which your organization has not been able provide until now.

estimulación cognitiva para teleasistencia
telemedicina para monitorización de salud

The move to teleconsultation

The Kwido Health solution offers video call and appointment scheduling possibilities, in order to add teleconsultation to purely health monitoring. Multi-device video calls can be established, not only between doctors and patients, but also between patients and their families or between family members and caregivers.

It can also integrate family members into the consultation of the health data of their elderly relations, if the organization so wishes.

Kwido 360º, the most complete and comprehensive care solution

Kwido Health is part of a complete care solution composed of flexible modules that can be adapted to the needs of each centre or company. All the data collected by each module or solution is interrelated, creating a complete 360º care solution.


3 complementary modules: health, home and cognitive training

kwido home monitoring

Sensor-based home monitoring system for the elderly. Monitors users’ routines and issues alerts when unusual situations arise.

online cognitive stimulation

Digital cognitive stimulation programme designed to combat and detect, even from home, cognitive decline in the elderly.


Telemedicine module for monitoring health variablesIt includes alerts, monitoring for medication intake, as well as facilitating direct connection with family members and/or therapists.

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