Ideable presents a study on Kwido Mementia, highlighting the benefits of home use

 March 5, 2018

Ideable has been developing and marketing Kwido Mementia, the cognitive stimulation platform, for several years now. The platform is part of its Kwido line of products that use technology to provide care for the elderly. Kwido Mementia uses serious games to help prevent cognitive decline and even provides early warning of possible patient problems.

In 2017, Grupo SSI carried out a 6 month pilot study in which it tested the Kwido-Mementia platform with elderly users of Bilbao Council’s Home Care Service.

The tests were coordinated by Itziar Álvarez a PhD student at the University of the Basque Country and Head of the RD&I Unit. Kwido-Mementia was used by 43 test participants (88% of them women and with an average age of 81.4) to carry out cognitive training at home.

The results from the study reveal that Kwido-Mementia is a useful tool for improving different areas of cognitive ability such as visuospatial memory, perceptual ability and perceptual reasoning. Online use was shown to be potentially very effective when done at home and with minimal supervision. This could make it a cost effective option compared with traditional training methods.

cognitive stimulation benefits

The system is designed to be used both on tablets at home and by professionals who come to perform care tasks. And by using games and an initial questionnaire it is able to analyse the initial cognitive level of the person, automatically assign a complete training plan adapted to the elderly person and analyse possible cognitive impairments from that moment on. It even provides information on self-perception of the game and possible changes of emotional state.

cognitive stimulation benefits

Ideable is currently working on new game engines based on drawings (gnosia) and on the use of virtual reality applied to cognitive stimulation.

Ideable will present this study

Ideable will present all these latest developments in cognitive stimulation at the 24th National Psychogeriatrics Congress, which takes place in March in Cordoba.

Iñaki Bartolomé, Kwido CEO, will speak at the “New technologies for Psychogeriatrics” Symposium that will be held on Saturday 10 March at 12:30 in the Caja Sur REYES CATÓLICOS conference hall.