Scalable home care service in more than 200 homes. The etxeTIC success story

 November 29, 2022

IMQ Igurco, a company with geriatric experts, had already been aware for years that at Ideable we had been developing technology for the care of the elderly and the socio-health world from our Kwido division and they contacted us to help them design a technological solution that would allow them to take their knowledge of care for the elderly in day centres and residences to the home. 

This happened when the Biscay Region Government created the etxeTIC model. In this new model of day centre, with the budget of a 50-person day centre, they opened a smaller centre (25 people) that can also care for 750 families at home using family support with technologies. 

First of all, Kwido, together with IMQ Igurco, designed a comprehensive geriatric assessment tool, which uses a comprehensive questionnaire of more than 60 questions to identify the state of both the dependent person and the caregiver. 

– Problems or syndromes of the dependent person. 

– Risks of the dependent person. 

– Level of overload of the caregiver.

This analysis provides us with a personalised picture of how the person is doing and generates a personalised care plan that should be carried out every day and which is put into a calendar, in negotiation with the family and the dependent person.

After this first phase, the family is offered a kit that includes:

– A Tablet with all the contents to be used at home for care. 

– The Tablet has its own internet connection. 

– The Tablet also has software to control its use and for remote support if necessary. 

– Optionally, an activity smartband reports transparently how much the person walks every day and how he/she sleeps. 

The Tablet has an accessible and usable app to be used by caregivers and dependents and allows video calls with the centre, integrated messaging, cognitive stimulation games, questions and measurements for health monitoring and multimedia elements to know how to care and do care tasks at home (videos, documents, music, etc.). 

Everything is customised to the care plan defined for that family by the automatic geriatric assessment tool: which games to play, which videos to use, which tasks and reminders for each day, etc. 

What makes CASE unique?

First reference project in Europe where technology for the care of elderly people at home is applied in a real 5-year contract reaching 700 families. 

Since January 2022, more than 200 families are already being cared for using this model (November 2022), which will continue to grow during 2023.

The project is being carried out by NTT Data, IMQ Igurco and Kwido, as the technological basis of the platform that is implemented in the homes.