Sacyr iChallenges selects Kwido for its social challenge

 October 10, 2019

The projects will apply technological innovation in order to improve life quality in dependent people

A challenge: “Social attention and remote care

We are very proud to announce that Kwido has been selected by Sacyr iChallenges to co-create an innovating project related to eHealth. Specifically, Kwido will be one of the three selected companies that will face the challenge: “Social attention and remote care”. The final objective is to improve life quality in dependent people.  

In the proposal we presented to Sacyr iChallenges, we offered a solution inspired by all the experiences and know how we recently acquired through the Kwido Home division. We want to develop a non-intrusive, technological solution that monitors user’s activity and promotes their autonomy. We want the users and their relatives to be safe and piece of mind

In this way, Ideable and Kwido have now a very huge and proved experience in developing accessible tools for elderly and dependent people. At present, a highly relevant project is the European PETAL ( in which we have been working for two years in Austria, Italia and Romania.   


Next step: the project

Now, to go on to the next step, experts from both companies will meet to define the specific lines of the project. They will co-create by using the most innovating methodologies to solve the challenge. The main objectives will be:

  • To increase users’ autonomy for a quite long period of time  
  • To promote the users and their relatives’ confidence facing possible unforeseen circumstances.
  • To contribute to SAD and telecare services with alternative and complementary solutions
  • Paradigm changing: try to avoid risk situations by focusing on the prevention.

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