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European experts in Silver Economy and R&D

At Ideable, as the developer of Kwido, we also have experts who carry out ad-hoc projects related to R&D and the Silver Economy.

One of the best ways to create custom developments is through “co-creation” with our clients.

We have experience in:

  1. Profiling of end users and caregivers.
  2. Participation in the generation of informed consent and ethical committees.
  3. Development of inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  4. Data collection from users, caregivers and professionals to help define the ideal solution.
  5. Defining operating protocols for call-centres and user assistance centres.
  6. Analysis of the state-of-the-art technology to be used.
  7. Pre-validation and piloting of the solution.

Everything is done following an Agile methodology, in order to quickly validate the developments and iterate, thus achieving greater speed in the implementation of new products and services. 

We also carry out tailor-made developments for the sector throughout Europe; either through integrations with Kwido, or through turnkey projects for the Silver Economy sector

Furthermore, we participate in several consortia in the AAL programme, focused on promoting new technologies to improve elderly care.

We have participated in and coordinated numerous technological projects for the elderly, on a European level:

The MildSight project will launch a new pilot project in Treviso in which 20 people living alone in their own flat will be connected to an ISRAA care centre for monitoring using Kwido technology.

The user comes to the centre or receives a visit from the case manager. The home and needs of the user and their environment are analysed. A personalised care plan is then generated and presented to the user and their carers, and any necessary modifications are negotiated and made.

This plan defines the interventions to be carried out with the user and the sensors to be installed and the use cases to be monitored in a non-intrusive way.

The user is offered a kit consisting of a tablet with internet connection to consult the calendar of activities and be able to carry out different interventions: physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, leisure, etc.

The sensors in the home would trigger alerts in case of non-compliance with the rules that have been proposed according to the care plan and if there are abnormal behaviours detected by the AI engine.

All management and communication with older people would be carried out by case managers from the centre with its Kwido web management application.

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  • PETAL: An intelligent platform that monitors the behaviour of users in their homes, and remotely controls their lighting systems. Targeted at patients with early symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s (Discover PETAL)

  • IOANNA: A communication system for the elderly who have businesses and services adapted to their local environment (IOANNA Project)

  • DAPAS: This connects our Kwido system with other European platforms, to improve the quality of life at home for the elderly (More on DAPAS)

  • FRAAGILE: Project coordination for the detection and prevention of physical and mental fragility (Find out about FRAAGILE)

  • VIRTUAAL: Development and testing of immersive virtual and augmented reality solutions to help prevent cognitive deterioration in the elderly (Discover VIRTUAAL)

Horizon 2020

Ideable is also an active partner in H2020 consortia and has even secured solo support within the European Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme.

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Ideable was even the winner when participating in European eHealth accelerators, as was the case with its participation in the Fiware FICHe accelerator.

Other R&D programmes in technology for the elderly

Ideable is also present in other European programmes such as Eurostars and is a very active member of the consortia focused on the elderly and technology of the SPRI-Basque Government Hazitek innovation programmes.

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International leader in the Silver Economy

It is also present at numerous events, both in Europe and worldwide, and has even organised its first annual event on Ageing.

In this regard, Ideable has been a regular participant in leading world events such as OptimizeIT, AAL Forum 2018 and 2019 and Ageing Fit.

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