Remote home care from day centres with Kwido

 March 13, 2023

Usually a day centre has limited space.

In addition, there are times when some older people are left out of care for various reasons:

  • Remoteness from the centre.

  • Lack of a higher level of dependency.

  • Because they are on waiting lists.

It is even possible that we have elderly people who come to the day centre in the mornings or on a few days, and we have therapies and interventions that we want to continue to offer while they are at home.

For all these cases, Kwido has proved to be a very useful tool for setting up care and accompaniment services at home using technology.

From Urretxu (Basque Country, Spain), this service has been launched to cover the municipality and surrounding areas and all from its current day centre.

Under the name of “Urrretxun Zaindu” (caring in Urretxu) a service is offered that includes:

  • A Tablet with Internet connection and ready to be used by the elderly.

  • Optionally, activity bracelets to measure the physical activity and sleep quality of the elderly.

  • An application that includes accessible apps for interventions at home to carry out care and monitoring tasks: explanatory videos, training documents, cognitive stimulation games, a calendar with the care plan adapted to the day to day, etc.

In addition, the system includes features such as video calls or messaging to be able to raise doubts and queries to the day centre team, which is also supported remotely by the expert geriatricians from IMQ Igurco to carry out this work.

In this way, Urretxu has become a leading locality in home care using technology to support carers.

And as a means to achieve the caring for elderly people at home and to enable them to maintain their autonomy at home for as long as possible.

All these services are provided regardless of distances and even in a rural environment with complicated orography, as is the case of Urretxu.