Kwido Mementia is a platform for online cognitive stimulation which offers plans telecare companies and professionals

Benefits of online cognitive stimulation for families and professionals

estimulación cognitiva online

Work on multiple skills

By using Kwido Mementia for cognitive stimulation, psychologists and therapists will be able to complement written exercises with a much more dynamic and stimulating method, which also greatly reduces the costs of preparing the therapies. The elderly will have thousands of cognitive exercises at their disposal, which can be adapted to the cognitive level of each user.

Kwido Mementia exercises work on a range of skills: Attention, Calculation, Executive Functions, Language, Memory and Orientation.

Real-time results

Psychologists and therapists get real-time information about their patients’ training. They can access a multitude of data, such as the evolution of the general cognitive index, emotional state, self-evaluations of users about exercises, and much more. Moreover, it allows their progress to be analysed and compared with other users.

The platform offers activity reports in a very intuitive and visual way and these can be easily shared with family members. Automatic data exploitation saves professionals and therapists a huge amount of time in analysing the results.

This work methodology has been designed and tested by expert psychologists, gerontologists and therapists.

estimulación cognitiva kwido mementia

Fully customisable

In addition to the thousands of activities included with the platform, professionals and therapists can create their own personalised games, in a very simple way. Professionals can therefore incorporate their own resources into Kwido Mementia’s digital environment and even add photos and references from the family environment, from their city, their hobbies, and much more.

In this manner, a completely personalised training plan can be achieved and adapted to different users:

  • Healthy people.
  • With age-related memory loss.
  • With slight cognitive impairment.
  • With moderate cognitive impairment.


Its multi-platform capacity (tablet, PC, iPad, touch screens, interactive whiteboards, etc.) offers the versatility of being able to use it on any touch screen in the organization. Furthermore, it is not necessary for users to be physically at the centre. They can log in from their homes from a conventional tablet and follow the therapies from home, at weekends or on holidays, which avoids overloading professionals with work.

estimulación cognitiva online
estimulación cognitiva para teleasistencia

Home version for telecare and home support companies

Kwido Mementia works in both independent and professional mode. In the first case, the system itself analyses the initial cognitive level of the user and offers them a full training plan which works with all the system’s functions.

The independent mode has been designed for telecare or home support companies that want to offer a new service which can enhance those already provided. It also allows these companies to improve in the technical aid sections in tenders where these requirements appear.

Proven solution

Several studies have been conducted on Kwido Mementia, analysing its performance and offering different results on its benefits, both for users (Kwido Mementia Study at BetiON) and for the organizations that use them (Unidad de Memoria Cognitive Study).

A clinical study was even conducted by an independent external organization, which was published on an international level. (Study of the Effectiveness of Kwido’s Cognitive Stimulation).


Kwido 360º, the most complete and comprehensive care solution

Kwido Mementia is part of a complete care solution composed of flexible modules that can be adapted to the needs of each centre or company. All the data collected by each module or solution is interrelated, creating a complete 360º care solution.


3 complementary modules: health, home and cognitive training

kwido home monitoring

Sensor-based home monitoring system for the elderly. Monitors users’ routines and issues alerts when unusual situations arise.

health monitoring

Telemedicine module for monitoring health variablesIt includes alerts, monitoring for medication intake, as well as facilitating direct connection with family members and/or therapists.

online cognitive stimulation

Digital cognitive stimulation programme designed to combat and detect, even from home, cognitive decline in the elderly.

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