MildSIGHT, the new predictive and advanced telecare service of Kwido in Treviso (Italy)

 February 9, 2024

During December and January we’ve started a new project in Italy.

We were already working with cognitive stimulation in some Italian organizations and with a project to combat social isolation in elderly people in Torino.

Now we move a step forward with a new project in Treviso (Veneto Region) that involves advanced and predictive telecare using Kwido.

This project will be implemented by ISRAA (Institute for Hospitalisation and Care Services for the Elderly) of the City of Treviso.

The MildSIGHT project is launching this service to offer telecare to older adults in their homes from the ISRAA Centre using the Kwido technology.

Treviso Kwido new

The key aspects of the MildSIGHT project are:

  • The user comes to the centre or receives a visit from the case manager. 

  • The home and needs of the user and their environment are analysed. 

  • A personalised care plan is prepared and any necessary modifications are negotiated and made.

  • This plan defines the interventions to be carried out with the user and the sensors to be installed and the use cases to be monitored in a non-intrusive way.

  • The user is offered a kit consisting of a tablet with internet connection to consult the calendar of activities and be able to carry out different interventions: physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, leisure, etc.

  • The sensors in the home will trigger alerts in case of non-compliance with the rules that have been proposed according to the care plan and if there are abnormal behaviours detected by the AI engine.

  • All management and communication with older people would be carried out by case managers by ISRAA from the centre with its Kwido web management application.

This way, advanced & predictive telecare will start to be used in an innovative and disruptive project in Italy.

We’d like to thank the full engagement by the Municipality of Treviso, Quinto di Treviso, Mogliano Veneto and the interest to make the Model sustainable thanks to the local health unit AULSS2 Marca Trevigiana.

This project is funded under the Pharaon Project and includes integrations with Pharaon’s technologies. You can find more information in our website.

Treviso Kwido Pharaon MildSIGHT