Kwido with MildSight Project in Florence for the Pharaon final conference under ForItAAL

 June 11, 2024

Kwido has been active in the elderly care market in Italy for some years now.

From its first steps with cognitive stimulation in Italian to more recent projects such as combating unwanted loneliness with Gruppo Arco in Turin.

We have started the MildSight project to bring advanced and predictive telecare to Treviso, together with the care organisation ISRAA.

The basis of this project is the use of Kwido to be able to carry out a comprehensive care at home that includes:

  • Analysis of the home and the needs of the user and their environment

  • Creation of a personalised care plan and negotiating and making the necessary modifications.

  • Definition of the interventions to be carried out with the user and the sensors to be installed and the use cases to be monitored in a non-intrusive way.

  • Preparation of a kit consisting of a tablet with internet connection. This tablet will be used to consult the calendar of activities and to be able to carry out different interventions: physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, leisure, etc.

  • Installation of sensors in the home that will activate alerts in the event of non-compliance with the rules that have been proposed according to the care plan. Alerts will also be activated in the event of anomalous behaviour detected by the AI engine.

  • All management and communication with the elderly would be carried out by ISRAA’s case managers from the centre with its Kwido web management application.

And all this, integrating the European Pharaon technology

This is why we have been invited to take part in the final Pharaon conference to be held in Florence on 26 June at the Istituto degli Innocenti, Piazza della Santissimia Annunziata 12

The conference will be held in presence in Florence, Italy and live-streamed online.

The final conference will provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the Pharaon pilot results and lessons learnt, the impact of the project, and synergies with other European initiatives. You will also have the chance to engage with policy makers and Pharaon project partners.

Who should join? Health and social care professionals, the scientific community, industry representatives, health and social care authorities, older persons, caregivers, and the general public with an interest in smart and healthy ageing.

Registration for the conference is accessible through the final conference page.  The registration deadline for attendance in person is (1 week before the conference), if you’d like to attend online, you can sign-up until the day of the conference.

It will be done in connection with

ForItAAL provides a platform for discussing the challenges posed by digital transformation and smart technologies in the field of active and healthy aging.

The primary goal is to foster innovation, share knowledge, and explore opportunities within the realms of Ambient Assisted Living, Active & Healthy Ageing, and Smart Living.

Esteemed national and international speakers will contribute to the discussion.