Kwido’s new telephonic telecare awarded

 November 20, 2016

Kwido is an elderly care platform via tablet, with which a diverse range of activities can be performed thanks to the tools it incorporates. As we have informed on a number of occasions, among its many functions, Kwido enables the user to keep track of medicines, carry out cognitive stimulation exercises through games, and monitor their state of health, both remotely or via videocalls, in order to maintain direct contact with doctors, relatives or carers.

The development of the platform is ongoing and whilst we continuously update the resources available, we also incorporate more tools according to the needs identified among users and the requests from health professionals using Kwido in their daily front line care work. This continuous improvement and constant search for innovative solutions sets the path we follow each day.

Once again, as so many times before, we came across a new problem to solve: What if the elderly user has no tablet? What if the carer has a tablet and needs to know the patient’s state of health? And if there is a major alert?

On the 6th and 7th June, at the TADHack 2014 event, held in Madrid, we tried to resolve these issues as part of their hackathon. So, by using API REST by Tropo, the platform is now able to make telephone calls to landlines or mobiles automatically if an incident occurs, meaning Kwido doesn’t require the elderly user to have a tablet. However, if they do own one, it can supplement its functions. Hence, when there is a warning that the tablet isn’t working, a reminder or medication alert to be delivered, a programme is executed which communicates the corresponding alert to the patient in a telephonic voice message via landline. With this resource, it is even possible to call the patient back to ask some questions and if there is no answer or an incorrect response is given, the application itself will call another person to inform them and send a notification to Kwido’s servers to register the event.

This breakthrough will make the platform much more complete but above all, it will enable even greater care of our elderly users and improve the efficiency of work carried out by healthcare professionals. With the development of this technology in Kwido, very useful tools can be included, with which it will be possible to generate voice messages via text commands, choosing from 24 different languages and even the type of voice in which you want the message to be sent. It will also be possible to send and receive SMS messages, transcribe and record voice messages, voice recognition, music playback and the ability to transfer calls or create conferences.

Ideable Solutions received the award, from the company Tropo, for Kwido’s telephonic telecare solution. The event, unmissable for telecommunications professionals, was attended by prestigious companies such as Huawei, Ubuntu, Oracle, Google or Tropo itself, amongst others; which only serves to multiply the value of this recognition.


We thank both the organization and the sponsors for the chance to show  our progress in elderly care thanks to Kwido, as well as the attendees for their inspiration and collaboration. In particular, we would like to express our gratitude to Tropo, the company which in addition to awarding us for the development of this new form of communicating alerts on our platform, continues to invest in revolutionary technology to supply the world with new communication solutions.