Kwido joins hands with Celestial Telecare in India

 May 18, 2023

At Kwido we are continuing our international expansion process.

In this case, we started working with the Indian company Celestial Telecare. in the definition of its home care business model through advanced mobile telecare apps.

For this process, Celestial Telecare wanted to rely on the experience of a company that knows the sector it is targeting through technological innovation.

And in its international search, it has decided to work with Kwido, due to its proven track record in the Silver Economy market since 2012.

Kwido joins hands with Celestial Telecare in India.

In the coming months, Kwido will prepare a technological service for the care of the elderly based on smartphones and using its telemedicine software as a base.

About Celestial Telecare

Celestial Telecare is a monitoring company that provides remote assistance to elderly, disabled and vulnerable people who choose to live alone at home. An in-house personal system that provides independence and peace of mind to their loved ones in India.

For us, this is a further step in our desire to become a global provider of elderly care technology across five continents.