Kwido starts activities in Panama under a silver economy approach.

 March 28, 2023

Kwido has been selected to participate in a programme in Panama. Kwido is the digital health platform of the E-Silver project.

This Panamanian programme seeks to establish a community care model for older people.

With the support of the Ministry of Social Development and the Betania Community Board, the Betania district was chosen, which has the highest concentration of elderly people in Panama City (25%).

The project is led by Genos Global Consulting and the Technological University of Panama, with more than 20 partners in a public-private coalition.

Digital health services are offered in two associations for older people:

  • the Asociación Edad 3 of Villa Cáceres
  • the Asociación Renovemos Nuestras Vidas de La Locería

Initially, the focus was only on health, but after a participatory diagnosis, it became clear that there was not a favourable ecosystem for healthy ageing.

The priorities for older people were economic security, food security and combating loneliness. Health was considered a priority when they became ill

Seeing the needs of the older people consulted, it was decided to reorganise the initiative and E-Silver was born, a community-based silver economy ecosystem that responds to the needs of older people through relevant, sustainable and collaborative local growth.

Panama E-Silver with Kwido focuses on four areas of action:

  • Digital literacy.
  • Digital health through Kwido Salud and Mementia.
  • Commercialisation of products and services developed by entrepreneurs over 55 through the EzMarktz e-commerce platform.
  • Incubation of intergenerational small and medium-sized enterprises facilitated by Be Productive coworking.

It is expected that, in the near future, all services will be accessible through the MeID digital identity.

With Kwido’s entry into Panama we hope to offer innovative elderly care solutions in a new country.

In addition, we are committed to working closely with Genos Global Consulting, the Panamanian authorities and other relevant entities to foster the development of the silver economy in the region.