Monitoring with sensors and Artificial Intelligence for elderly people in Andalusia Region

 January 30, 2024

After working on the implementation of Kwido systems with sensors and artificial intelligence for the elderly in Castilla y León and Madrid we continue to carry out new implementations throughout Spain, in this case in Andalusia Region.

Kwido Añora cuidadoras

What details define this new Kwido project in Andalusia?

In this project, launched in the Cordoba town of Añora, once again focuses on improving the quality of life of elderly people living in rural environments.

And once again, a system that has already proved to be successful is being implemented:

  • Care for elderly people living alone in a rural environment.

  • Improved security so that they can stay at home for as long as possible.

  • Connection with their relatives even if they live far away and with carers in their village.

In the same village, there are home care workers and social workers who will be the reference persons in each of the homes where the technology has been implemented.

And again, it therefore includes not only the security provided by the system, but also social and face-to-face support from these caregivers.

And the connection with relatives who live far away in some cases, or are neighbours in others.

Kwido Añora dispositivo 1

Once again, the simplicity of the system allows the kits to be installed directly by the carers, adapting the places and objects to be monitored to the reality of each person and home, according to their characteristics and needs.

Kwido Añora dispositivo 2

What benefits does Kwido offer in Andalusia?

With Kwido’s technology, we offer the following benefits:

  • Scalable platform, which can cope with the incorporation of a large number of users.

  • Systems that are very easy to install, configure and maintain remotely.

  • Few devices to install in each home and no technical requirements.

  • Non-intrusive system, where users do not have to wear anything.

  • Very cost-effective platform, to be able to reach many homes with a low total investment.

  • Customisable system for each home and person, allowing the type of sensors to be chosen (movement, vibration, door) and the places and objects to be monitored in each case, according to the routines of each person.
  • Adaptation to homes where more than one person lives or animals are present.

  • Incorporation of all the necessary connectivity, without the need for prior wifi in the home.

  • Access via mobile app for caregivers and family members to know the daily activity, and whether it fits in with the usual routines.

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalies in the behaviour of the elderly.

Kwido Añora dispositivo 3

What are the results of this Kwido system?

This system is therefore proving to be a success in the fight against Empty Spain, by creating local employment on the one hand, and keeping the elderly at home for longer in a safe way on the other.

And it is already attracting the attention of other European countries as well, which is why we will shortly be announcing conferences and implementations outside Spain dedicated to these technologies in which Kwido will be participating.