Kwido Mementia: digital platform for elderly cognitive stimulation

 June 27, 2014

The elderly care platform Kwido continues to grow, seeking the best support and developing new solutions to improve the daily lives of our seniors. On this occasion, we are proud to present Mementia, a cognitive stimulation tool which offers psychologists and therapists a broad range of possibilities through a methodology designed specifically for them.

Kwido Mementia has been developed jointly by technological experts, Ideable Solutions, and specialists in cognitive rehabilitation, Cognitiva Unidad de Memoria, with whom we share a long-term collaborative relationship. The latest product of this collaboration is a multi-device platform which provides memory workshops, such as that of Cognitiva, with a multimedia environment to help reinforce therapies and improve adherence to treatment. So, whether via tablet, touch screen or digital whiteboard, elderly users can carry out individually designed training exercises, whilst professionals can monitor data to evaluate performance, keep users informed and notify relatives of their progress.

The principal characteristics of Mementia, focused on professional use, are:

  • Customization for each elderly user, with individual cognitive level, exercise complexity, objectives and specific games itinerary.
  • 48 activities installed, with 8,000 exercises to work on skills such as memory, calculus, executive functions, language, orientation and attention.
  • Tool for psychologists and therapists to create their own games.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices.
  • Real-time information on variables such as, amongst others, general cognitive index, emotional state or self-assessment.

This development is a step forward for the Kwido platform as an essential solution for daycare centres and elderly care homes of the future, as well for seniors, who can play with the different options available, from the comfort of their own homes or in centres, enabling them to maintain cognitive capacity in a fun way. What is more, it constitutes a technological leap, which covers a broad range of devices, from computers to Android tablets, iPads to Windows whiteboards or touch screens, to name but a few.

With Mementia, we are stepping up to meet the specific needs of people with mild to moderate cognitive impairment, age-related memory problems or brain damage; but also of those who prefer to prevent neurodegeneration and maintain their mental abilities.