Kwido finalist of the WSIS Forum 2022 Healthy Ageing Innovation Prize competition by UN and the WHO

 September 29, 2022

Kwido has been selected as one of the finalists among the 115 candidates from 40 countries. 

The Prize is focused on digital technologies to address specific health-related categories: Alzheimer’s Disease & Cognitive Decline, Elder Caregiving, Transportation & Mobility, Frailty, and Adult Immunization, all areas that impact the healthy aging of older people.  “The Healthy Ageing Innovation Prize creates a whole new platform for collaboration and promotes new innovations to deliver integrated health and long-term care for older persons,” said Anshu Banerjee, Director, Maternal, Newborn Child & Adolescent Health & Ageing, World Health Organization. 

The Healthy Ageing Innovation Prize marked its second year during the 2022 WSIS Forum. The Prize is a partnership with the Global Coalition on Aging, ITU, UN DESA, and the WHO, in support of the Decade of Healthy Ageing. 

You can meet the 11 finalists here