Kwido, the digitalisation of care for the elderly

 February 28, 2022

Now, and specially due to the changes brought by the Covid_19 pandemic, and also driven by the investments made by the European Next Generation EU funds many public and private organisations around Europe have embarked on a digital transformation of the elderly care sector.

For any digital transformation process to be successful, experts are needed to identify:

  • Where we are.
  • What our processes are.
  • Where we want to go.
  • Mark a route where we can prioritise the steps to be taken. Highlight the steps that allow us to have the greatest impact at the lowest cost.

And obviously, for this process, we need the support and accompaniment of companies that have extensive experience in applying technology to the care of the elderly.

That have been doing it successfully for years and that know the innovations in the market in order to be able to apply them effectively.

Kwido is an expert in the application of technology and innovation in elderly care and the eHealth sectors at an international level.

We have carried out implementations in the elderly care sector, with a presence and clients in Spain, Poland, the United States, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Italy, Romania and France.

We have been working for many years on the analysis of the elderly care sector and the study of future trends and disruptive innovations for this market.

In some cases, the market perceived Kwido as a complete and modular solution, but only that, a closed product. What we want to remember is that Kwido is not just a product with different existing modules for companies in the sector, but we are a technology company focused on research and innovation for the elderly care sector.

At Kwido we have expert consultants in digitalisation processes for the healthcare sector, and we also have our own product for this field, which can be integrated and customised.

We work in areas such as the promotion of independent living in the home, social connection, health and activity monitoring, cognitive stimulation, etc.

In doing so, we can help organisations to recognise their current digital maturity point and, from there, map out a future digitalisation journey, marking the scope of each step.

And help them to incorporate technologies in various areas:

  • Social and healthcare digital transformation
  • Advanced telecare
  • Accessible communication
  • Telemedicine
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Home monitoring
  • Frailty
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence

We can use our own technology as a base, integrate third-party devices and innovations, and integrate with our clients’ existing systems, developing customised systems or apps if necessary.

And of course, we can help our clients to build innovative projects and compete in public tenders under better conditions.

Contact us to help you walk the path of digitalisation with the help of experts.

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