Kwido at the care conference – “50 Sfumature di Cura 2022” in Treviso

 October 5, 2022

Kwido has been invited by the ISRAA organisation to participate in this event which aims to put the spotlight on the challenges faced in caring for the elderly. It is clear that the shortage of carers is evident and growing. But nothing can be done if we do not put the elderly person back at the centre and the challenge of their quality of life in the face of end of life, dementia, loneliness and severe dependency. Therefore, this event wants to focus on rethinking the functioning of services, giving back to the organisation a key role. This Congress aims to be a meeting point for the best contributions on care with a view to technological progress that can help to improve the work of carers and at the same time the quality of life of the elderly.

The event will be held on 7-8 October in Treviso. For those interested in attending, the auditorium is located inside the Sant’Artemio Park, seat of the Province of Treviso, in Via Cal di Breda, 116.

Kwido will participate in the closing of the event, at the table “Robots for personal care, state of technology and future scenarios” presenting the experience of the etxeTIC project, where Kwido is the technological partner of this innovative model of home care where more than 200 families are already cared for in the city of Bilbao.  

In addition, Kwido has been invited to present its solutions from one of the booths  at the congress, so we will be available to welcome all attendees who wish to come along.

ISRAA’s mission is to provide elderly people who cannot or no longer wish to live in their own homes with a place where they can live peacefully, helping them to maintain as far as possible the autonomy of their actions and choices. The organisation’s commitment is inspired by this philosophy and translates, at the operational level, into caring for people by providing appropriate responses to their needs, so that each person can express their own customs, interests and decisions, while respecting community life.

More information about this event here.