Kwido, Best Senior Project at the Buber Sariak Awards

 January 4, 2019

Kwido is proud to announce that we have finished the year by receiving the recognition of Best Senior Project at the Buber Sariak Awards, promoted by the Internet & Euskadi Association. It was at an event in Donostia, on 20 December, where a total of seven different prizes were awarded, all related to the use of technology in projects in the Basque Country.

Kwido is a tool created by the Basque company Ideable, which seeks to use technology to improve elderly care. At Kwido we work with telemonitoring patients, advanced telecare and home care functions. We are also working on a new version of Kwido Mementia that will see the light in the coming weeks, and with which we are seeking to extend the use of cognitive stimulation throughout society.

The Buber Sariak Awards 2018 recognised a total of 7 different categories in this year’s edition, in addition to an honorary award, which in this case was given to Lorena Fernández, director of digital identity at the University of Deusto. The other awards were included in the categories of free software, women and technology, youth, senior, industry 4.0 and citizen participation.

The Buber Sariak Awards – promoted by the Internet & Euskadi Association this year with the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa – saw the participation of more than 100 Internet users who chose projects from some fifty candidates. The voting process concluded with the votes of a panel of 10 judges, who tried to fairly represent the various concerns that exist in the Basque Country regarding the Internet.

Ideable and Kwido are very grateful for the recognition. We are delighted to see how the digital transformation processes we have set in motion are having a real impact on society and, in particular, on the quality of life of our seniors.

We will carry on working.