Kwido offers automated geriatric assessments for the elderly care sector

 December 21, 2022

Kwido is a leading company in the development of technological solutions for the geriatric and elderly care sector.

Its objective is to improve the quality of life of the elderly and facilitate the work of the professionals and families who care for them using the digital transformation of their processes.

In this digital transformation process, Kwido has identified, together with its partner IMQ Igurco, the need to be able to carry out automated geriatric assessments.

These assessments make it possible to evaluate the state of health and level of dependency of elderly people quickly and accurately, facilitating decision-making and treatment monitoring.

With a complete questionnaire of more than 60 questions, we can identify how the elderly person is doing:

  • At a functional level.
  • On a social level.
  • In terms of their health.
  • Psychologically.

In addition, the level of overload of the main caregiver, if applicable, is also analysed.

Kwido automatic geriatric assessment

In this way, the system is able to make a complete diagnosis of how the dependent person and the caregiver are doing, and more importantly, to propose a fully customisable care plan.

Valoracion geriatrica automatica Kwido preguntas

This care plan allows moving and modifying actions, but it also allows companies and families to know what actions to carry out each day and even to have resources and training tools to be able to carry them out.

Valoracion geriatrica automatica Kwido horario

To carry out this geriatric assessment tool, Kwido has relied on the experience of IMQ Igurco, a company specialised in the provision of care services for the elderly, with decades of experience.

Its professionals and geriatricians have made it possible to define the processes and criteria used to carry out the automated geriatric assessments, guaranteeing their reliability and accuracy and using international scales.

IMQ Igurco also participates if the entities need it in the preparation of plans, in the training sessions and in resolving the doubts of the case managers remotely.

Automated geriatric assessments allow organisations in the geriatric and elderly care world to save time and resources, as these assessments can be carried out quickly and easily using digital tools.

In addition, these assessments are more accurate and reliable than manual assessments, allowing better decisions to be made and better service to be provided to older people.

And it is easier to re-assess after a period of time to adjust care plans or to measure the effectiveness of care plans.

This type of system is recommended for:

  • Telecare or home care companies that want to create personalised care plans for the home.
  • Day centres that need to define care and life plans for the centre and for the homes.
  • Nursing homes that, even if they carry out their work in person, need to do it quickly and reliably.

In short, Kwido has relied on the expertise of IMQ Igurco to develop an automated geriatric assessment solution.

These assessments allow organisations in the geriatric and elderly care world to save time and resources.

In addition to offering a more accurate and reliable service to the elderly.

For example, this system is currently the basis for projects such as the first etxeTIC centre.

IMQ Igurco is using this technology for the initial assessment of families.

It then allows them to follow their care and life plan through their Tablet at home with the continuous support of their case managers.

Some of these technologies, assessment methods and interventions against frailty have already been developed and successfully tested by Ideable within the European project frAAgiLe of which we are coordinators, within the AAL Programme.