Kwido, a reference in Spain among the Silver Economy startups

 March 3, 2021

The Silver Economy is a market with great importance in the media. In Spain, Startups’ Oasis has written an article about the importance of this sector and has analyzed the main companies in this sector in Spain. Kwido has been highlighted in this article as one of the most important startups in the elderly care market. In addition, they remark our Kwido’s 360º platform, referring to the three pillars on which our solutions are based; telemedicine, home monitoring and cognitive stimulation.

On the other hand, elReferente magazine has also published a list of leading startups in the care, health and insurance sector, where Kwido stands out in two different areas: eHealth and care for the elderly.

For us, it is a great honor to be considered an important startup in the field of eldercare and Silver Economy in Spain, by independent and different entities of such prestige. And it also encourages us to continue on the path that we began many years ago. Thanks!!!