Kwido: from innovation to healthcare

     November 21, 2013

    Tomorrow, Friday 22nd November, Kwido will be attending the Conference “From innovation to health“, organized by the Spanish Psychogeriatric Society, which is being held in Zamora’s University Campus Auditorium (34 Cardenal Cisneros Avenue).

    The event draws on the current crisis, which has undermined the provision of various services, including care provided to the elderly and, to a greater extent, those affected psychiatrically. Whilst the current scenario is not the best starting point, The Spanish Psychogeriatric Society Conference intends to carry out a review of past achievements, as well as compiling proposals for a better future.

    Thus, the Organizing Committee proposes the need to put innovation in the field of psychogeriatrics into practice, inventing and publicizing new procedures, tools and solutions. The programme will review new therapies, new ways of implementing them, innovative diagnostic processes and new models to address psychogeriatric problems, including Kwido, the new generation of telecare.

    Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO of Kwido, will present the platform as an opportunity for new technologies in the field of psychogeriatrics, on Friday 22nd November at 11:30.

    Kwido, the elderly care platform via tablet, offers a new range of possibilities to both professionals within the sector, as well as patients and their families. In this manner, it allows us to face the present and future of gerontological care with optimism and hope; an objective shared by the Spanish Psychogeriatric Society Conference.