elderly home monitoring system for care companies

Kwido Home is a the elderly home monitoring system that helps telecare companies to take care of their users

Kwido Home is a connected health solution that transforms homes into smart homes that monitor and care for the health of older people

This is the ideal solution for companies in the social-health sector, such as telecare or home care companies. Thanks to Kwido Home, elderly people and dependants can remain peacefully and safely at home.

All this with a system of non-intrusive sensors that ensure independence, avoiding hospital admissions and interventions.

Kwido Home is the latest proposal from Kwido in software development for dependant care. We work to improve the quality of life for the senior population, and we are backed by a long history of projects and clients in countries throughout Europe. 

Benefits of home monitoring for home care businesses

Easy to install and non-intrusive sensors

Kwido Home transforms the home into a safe environment thanks to an autonomous sensor system that monitors and issues alerts on any abnormal behaviour of an elderly person.

Simple and intuitive installation for Home Support Services, ensuring the person’s independence thanks to the wide range of customisation options.


Provides value and leading positioning in home support services

The solution offered by Kwido Home is fully comprehensive and flexible, designed to adapt to the specific needs of the organisation and its users.

The use of leading technologies in the field of IoT and Artificial Intelligence helps home support and telecare companies offer better services, while also positioning themselves as a leader in their sector.

It is a powerful partner for improving public tender scores in aspects of technical monitoring aids.

The quality of service increases and costs are reduced

Kwido Home uses data from the sensors installed in the home to anticipate emergency situations and to get to know users better.

The information collected is maximised and unnecessary interventions by caregivers are avoided.

An optimised home monitoring system which ensures the independence of the patient and greater efficiency in the service of the care company.   


Customisable solution

Kwido Home‘s proposal offers monitoring possibilities, both inside and outside the home, according to the needs of each company.

The system works in a predictive way by analysing user routines. In addition, it can be adapted to different needs according to the degree of dependency. It also integrates family members into the equation through an advanced alert system. 

A solution with international validation

At Kwido we have been developing eHealth solutions for telecare and elderly home care companies for many years.

In this instance, we have developed and tested Kwido Home in different European countries thanks to programmes such as AAL (see the PETAL project) and the support of European elderly care companies and international technology centres.

How does Kwido Home work?

A simple installation consisting of a central device and a series of sensors and beacons attached to a range of everyday objects and/or household furniture, as appropriate. 

These devices send data on behaviour and routines to an intelligent system that analyses them and sends alerts when unusual, previously established situations arise. 

Some examples of use:

Irregular physical activity

Olivia has been out of the house for several hours and got out of bed much earlier than her usual time

Unusual presence

Richard has been in the bathroom for more than two hours and got up as many as four times early this morning

Frequencies of use

Julia has not used the toilet for several hours and has repeatedly opened the refrigerator

Changes in habit

Daniel has hardly opened the oven for some months now, and he enters the shower less often than usual

Kwido 360º, the most complete and comprehensive care solution

Kwido Home is part of a complete care solution composed of flexible modules that can be adapted to the needs of each centre or company. All the data collected by each module or solution is interrelated, creating a complete 360º care solution


3 complementary modules: health, home and cognitive training

kwido home monitoring

Sensor-based home monitoring system for the elderly. Monitors users’ routines and issues alerts when unusual situations arise.

online cognitive stimulation

Digital cognitive stimulation programme designed to combat and detect, even from home, cognitive decline in the elderly.


Telemedicine module for monitoring health variables. It includes alerts, monitoring for medication intake, as well as facilitating direct connection with family members and/or therapists.

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