Developing a new platform for the analysis and management of frailty in elderly people

 September 24, 2020

Fraagile is a new project that has emerged last year with the financing and support of the European AAL Programme, for the analysis of the physical and mental frailty state in older people. Ideable, together with the eVida group of the University of Deusto, is the coordinating company and ideologist of the project.

The intention is to incorporate this project as a nes line of business in Kwido, and offer a disruptive approach to combat frailty and be able to carry out early interventions.

Below we explain the characteristics of this platform and the reason for its development.



¿What is Fraagile?

A platform that, through the implementation of questionnaires, physical tests and movement tracking through a simple tablet camera, together with artificial intelligence techniques, it analyzes physical and mental frailty of the elderly and then, with their history, offers an individualized care plan with physycal and cognitive stimulation exercises.

It should be highlighted that it is not a fall detector, but a technological solution to carry out early interventions and guarantee the safety, independence and wellness of the elderly.


¿Why Fraagile?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have realized that something as common as healthcare to treat non-urgent situations, is very limited due to the lack of resources because of the overload of emergency cases. In addition, with the restrictions on contacts, for a time family members and caregivers have not been able to visit and help their loved ones in their daily needs, and today these encounters are minor and carrying out a security protocol to avoid contagion.

Older adults are practically isolated, and any deterioration in their health condition (physical and cognitive) is difficult to detect. Many private companies and public health organizations, are investing in the development of new technologies to improve home care.

This has meant a change of perspective in terms of how to continue providing care at their homes. The fact that our elderly can benefit from technological tools to improve their life quality, has become a need to implement.


¿What offers Fraagile?

The possibility for healthcare professionals to carry out standardized tests on frailty, and cognitive and physcial status continously, to evaluate their elderly patients. Also in an unattenden way, through the simple support of caregivers or even made by the elders themselves.

Using a Tablet and wearables, they will be able to do exercises and physical and cognitive games selected in a personalized way by experts, and thus they will monitor the user’s status. In this way, the detection and management of frailty is mechanized  for the first time, a costly and barely addressed process that until now was only carried out in person through visits to professionals. And with this, we make the control of  frailty in elderly a simple and scalable process, in order to improve their state and wellness, delaying physical and mental degeneration and removing the dependency risk with its huege savings to the social and health systems.



We invite you to visit the website of this project, , so that you know the characteristics of this service that we hope will become the most profitable solution on the market for the attention and care of our elderly, in relation with their frailty and physical and cognitive abilities.