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    kwido internacional

    Kwido is a product that is expanding internationally. Currently, we are present in Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Austria, Romania and Poland, and our platform is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, German, Italian and French.

    In addition, we continue to look for new markets, through 2 modalities of collaboration:

    Kwido distributors and prescribers

    We are looking for professionals and companies in the healthcare sector, who are interested in offering technological solutions to their clients.

    Kwido is a flexible and customizable care solution, so it can be adapted to any client.

    Kwido’s own brand commercialization is a very interesting option, since it allows the use of Kwido software with the clients’ brand. In addition, it allows the solution to be implemented at a much lower price than the required in a custom development.

    International partners

    At Kwido we have defined a complete partnership program, based on the exclusive representation of the Kwido brand in a country or region.

    This program allows the partner to commercially develop the Kwido brand in its region, with the constant support of the Kwido team in all commercial work and technical support to know, integrate and improve the platform.

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