Kwido arrives in Colombia and the UK

 October 14, 2015

Kwido, the complete care solution for elderly and dependents, has commenced its entry into the Latin and Anglo-Saxon markets alongside new partners.

This business opportunity will enhance the internationalization of Kwido and all its modules, in areas such as health monitoring, teleconsulting or cognitive stimulation.

Colombia, one of the countries with greatest economic stability in the region, will be the gateway and bridge to access other markets in the region, having a privileged strategic location in the middle of the main commercial and financial centres in the hemisphere.

This has allowed Colombia to become a regional distribution hub for outsourcing services and IT and Software Services. According to the IDC, between 2003 and 2014 the software & IT market in Colombia increased to five times its size, making the IT sector in Colombia the fourth most important in the region.

In addition, it is expected to be the bridge to other Latin American markets like Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and even Miami.

Kwido has entered the Colombian market through associated companies and strategic partners. We have had the help here of our partner in Colombia, Digitalsmark, and our main customer, HubSalud, who will use our teleconsulting solution integrated into its health system in the cloud, for health monitoring and direct video consulting from mobile apps.

In terms of demand for IT services, the health sector is one of the most dynamic in Colombia, with continued expansion due to the growing population demand (47 million), which increasingly needs a backup service in areas of tracking patients and consolidation of information.(Data Entry)

Meanwhile, the UK, along with Germany and France, account for 40% of the European eHealth market linked to care of the elderly.

The UK is currently the market leader, so we considered it essential to have a partner there. That’s why we’ve signed an agreement with PracticeLite, providing us with the first English customers, establishing Kwido to start with in a home care and remote health monitoring company, Myfihome in Swansea. The establishment of Mementia, cognitive stimulation, has also begun in day centres in Jersey.

For this integration we have translated Kwido into English, including Mementia, the cognitive stimulation platform and all its activities.

These partners, both in Colombia and the UK, have rated Kwido’s great degree of flexibility very highly, as well its functionalities, its high capacity for integration with other solutions and our reliable experience.

According to our ambitious internationalization plan for the Kwido platform, these new launches in both Colombia and the UK will influence the future development of the company in a decisive way, besides representing a gateway to new markets.

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