Cognitive stimulation and virtual reality for the elderly, now in Lisbon

 November 13, 2019

A few months ago, Ideable and Kwido were invited to attend the Santa Casa de la Misericordia Technology Fair in Lisbon. Once there, we were in a stand showing the latest technological advances made in Kwido. Specifically, we invited attendees to participate in demonstrations of cognitive stimulation and virtual reality for the elderly.

Now, after the success of the visit, the Portuguese organization Santa Casa de la Misericordia has decided to implement several products from the Kwido catalog to offer modern solutions to the general public. Specifically, our Kwido Mementia program has been chosen to perform cognitive stimulation online in up to 20 centers. In this way, we bet on a format of novel cognitive therapy, and with a high motivational component for users.

Along these lines, with the idea of achieving maximum involvement with patients, Santa Casa de la Misericordia is also including in their project the virtual reality programs for the elderly. These have been just launched from Kwido and the VirtuAAL international consortium.

With the application of cognitive stimulation in virtual reality, the Portuguese organization is seeking to offer the greatest benefits to their users when performing therapy. And that is because of the technological component, which provides much more motivation in patients than the traditional therapy. 

The Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) is the largest Portuguese entity in the social sector, providing healthcare, education and culture, and promoting the quality of life, particularly for the benefit of those in greater need of protection. Supervised by the Portuguese Government, SCML looks after around 6,000 patients at their nursing homes and daycare centers. 

In Kwido we want to thank to Santa Casa da Misericordia Lisboa all the realiance placed on us by betting on our technological solutions. We hope that using cognitive stimulation and virtual reality for the elderly will bring real benefits to them. Also, that we will continue working together to improve their quality of life.