BetiON incorporates Kwido Mementia’s cognitive stimulation. Results of the experiment

 May 20, 2019

In 2018, the Basque Public Telecare Service, betiON, worked for six months on the use of the Kwido-Mementia online cognitive stimulation program with its users. The aim was to encourage cognitive exercise in the lifestyle habits of people using the betiON service. This service is still active today.  

The results of the program during those first 6 months are now available and are highly satisfactory. Despite the fact that the sample group was not accustomed to using technology, 90% of them said that it was easy to work with Kwido-Mementia on a tablet.


Cognitive stimulation study in older adults

The project is aimed at older people who live alone and have a limited social network. For the purpose of the study it was considered that a context of loneliness could lead to a decrease in neuronal activity, due to the lack of stimulation received from outside.

Some of the objectives established for the use of Kwido-Mementia in betiON included: improving the self-esteem and quality of life of users, stimulating and maintaining cognitive functions, and increasing the autonomy and interaction of the person with his/her environment.


Visible development of cognitive functions

The results obtained were pleasingly positive and helped corroborate most of the hypotheses:

  • The maintenance and stimulation of cognitive functions was accomplished in the vast majority of participants.
  • In terms of mood, 47% remained in line with their usual state, while 25% improved substantially.
  • As regards self-perception when completing exercises, 33% remained the same and 47% improved.

As well as the data, subjective aspects of the users’ report were also collected. One of the most relevant issues was the verification that the application is perceived as a positive tool for entertainment and distraction. A large sample of users noticed a tangible improvement in their mood, while developing and training their cognitive functions.

The Basque Public Telecare Service, betiON,, as well as the joint venture that currently manages this service, formed by Tunstall Televida, GSR (Mondragon) and Grupo Igualmequisa (IMQ), consider that the use of this technology associated with cognitive exercise is an attractive option as part of the complementary benefits of the telecare service. As such, this service will continue to be offered and extended in the coming months.

For Kwido, the results are great news as they demonstrate that Kwido Mementia’s online cognitive stimulation is also an effective tool for telecare services. This allows us to continue developing its functionalities for users at home, as well as in day centres and care homes.

It should also be pointed out that the cognitive stimulation offered by Kwido is available online at

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