Population aging increases, cognitive decline increases

 January 20, 2021

The aging of the population is a trend suffered by today’s society. Thus triggering the increase in diseases and ailments typical of the elderly. One of the consequences of age that affect on daily life are the memory problems. As mentioned in this Qmayor article , 20% of people over the age of 65 experience some difficulty remembering things or trying to concentrate. This percentage increases as the years go by.

It is important to talk to a doctor when it is detected that a person suffers from cognitive impairment, so that he can determine what are the possible causes and the treatment to follow. In addition, it is beneficial for people who suffer from memory problems to acquire a routine, based on an active life, physically and socially. Another key factor in slowing down cognitive decline is complying with medical treatments and keeping your mind active.


To achieve both goals, the recommended activities to keep the mind active are as follows:


  • Reading: Reading helps delay memory decline, maintains language skills, and helps improve perception.
  • Playing games: whether they are specific memory games, board games …
  • Trying to memorize things from daily life: Telephone numbers, names, shopping lists …
  • Calculating: performing mathematical operations, sudokus, shopping, paying in cash, etc.

In order to carry out these activities, we can do multiple activities, hobbies, mental exercises, but we can especially use specific platforms to prevent and delay cognitive impairment in older adults. Platforms such as Kwido Mementia allow to get these goals, putting in the hands of care and telecare professionals a complete technological platform that, by playing with games on touchscreens and tablets, work different capacities: Attention, Calculation, Executive Functions, Language, Memory, Orientation, Praxias and Gnosias.

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