Brain training games improve concentration

 June 23, 2020

According to a recent study by researchers at the University of Cambridge, online brain training apps improve the concentration skills of users who practice it. For their study, they have developed a new brain training game aimed at working on cognitive functions such as memory, numerical skills or concentration. In their study, carried out on young adults, they managed to demonstrate that practising cognitive exercise on an iPad, for eight hours a month, improved users’ attention and concentration. In their words, their next goal is to direct the study towards older adults and/or those with serious cognitive impairment.

We, at Kwido Mementia, and thanks to the research effort made by Itziar Alvarez, from SSI Group, have been able to perform a similar research, and this time with a target age around 80 years old. The results of the study with Kwido Mementia were very satisfactory. It was concluded that the sample of people who completed the program at home, with the use of a tablet, significantly improved their cognitive functions, both in their visuospatial memory capacity, as in their perceptual reasoning skills.

In addition, for professionals in the sector, online cognitive stimulation could be extremely effective when carried out at home and with minimal supervision. This meant a reduction in costs compared to traditional training.

Once again, this study aims to confirm that the era of over-information that we are living in means that our minds are more easily distracted. This is why there is a worldwide boom in so-called brain training games. Thanks to many studies that are being carried out, we see that they have a direct impact on essential cognitive abilities in any type of public.

From Kwido Mementia we follow up daily the international scientific studies in the field of cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation. That is why our proposals offer value for all types of audiences. The tool itself is in charge of designing, based on established parameters, the program that best suits each person, analyzing their cultural and cognitive level.

Source: University of Cambridge. «Brain training app improves users’ concentration.

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