Barakaldo will care for elderly people using kwido

 July 5, 2022

Last May, Barakaldo launched several challenges to companies and people from Bizkaia. One of them had to do with “Barakaldo caregiver city” in order to support families in the socialization and care of the elderly in the home. In this aspect, they were looking for solutions that met 3 objectives:

  • Reduce the physical and mental overload of caregivers
  • Fight unwanted loneliness
  • Improve communication flows with this part of the citizenry.

Ideable has responded to these three objectives with its Kwido tool and with the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment tool that it has developed together with IMQ Igurco. And with the support of its geriatric professionals, it responds to them, respectively, in the following way:

  • Through the support of professionals to families to offer them care tools tested and adapted to people. The comprehensive geriatric assessment tool allows you to know the situation of each elderly person, create a care schedule for them, and the support they need. And all this is seen on a tablet that is provided to the family and that allows access to video calls with geriatricians, video support, and documents to carry out the care scheduled for each day, etc.
  • To do this, a network is created around each elderly person, where other elderly people and relatives can interact with them by video call and can also share family photos and videos.
  • The platform will allow access not only to case managers but also to other agents: family, friends, etc. And share the content of all kinds.

With this proposal, Kwido has been chosen to implement its system under these terms for 6 months through the first prize in this category.


Barakaldo is the second city in Bizkaia and fourth in Euskadi, with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Ideable has been based precisely in Barakaldo for 5 years and therefore, it is an honor and a responsibility for us to have been chosen to launch this challenge and initially reach 20 families, but hoping to add many more in the future.