Welcome to Aging Bilbao, organised by Ideable Solutions and Kwido

 March 14, 2017

On 24 April, the Bizkaia Aretoa will be the headquarters of Aging Bilbao, a conference aimed at professionals from the telecare, elderly care and Silver Economy sector, organised by Ideable Solutions with the collaboration of Diputación Foral de Bizkaia.

The aim of Aging Bilbao is to show all those involved in working with the elderly, and even these elderly people themselves, current and future innovations and technologies related to the so-called Silver Economy.

Aging Bilbao is the most important national event held to date, focussing on the use of technology and innovation to improve the quality of life of elderly people


Those interested in attending include both professionals from elderly care companies, businesses specialised in telecare and home care, representatives from the the representatives from the social and health sectorin general, both private and public and, of course,  the elderly who want to know about current experiences or future trends.

Aging Bilbao. The elderly, technology and innovation: compatible and necessary”


Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the different presentations and round tables in which professionals who are already innovating or using technology in their fields will present their experiences, both in pilot projects and in the application of real solutions with their users, and the online business models that are already in operation.

The aim of this event is for industry professionals and experts to convey their experiences to all members involved in this field and to present the future trends they think we will see.

Another objective of Aging Bilbao is to show, in Bilbao, Bizkaia and Euskadi, that there is a field here that can easily be applied to the real market and that has huge potential for growth worldwide.

Bilbao and Bizkaia have been chosen as headquarters due to their commitment to health, sustainability, and and age-friendly policies.