Kwido in the 2020 AgeingFit Conference Programme

 January 13, 2020

AgeingFit 2020 is the European event fostering innovation in the healthy ageing sector

In Kwido we are pleased to announce our participation in the 2020 AgeingFit event, which is taking place this year at the end of January in Nice (France). Specifically, our CEO, Iñaki Bartolomé is going to take part in a discussion session aimed to address the innovation challenges that the Silver Economy poses to the market. Ageing Fit is held annually in France and is one of the main European events in the sector.

Connected healthy aging: wearables and data

The debate session in which we are going to participate will take place the next 28th of January, at 9.00 am. It is going to direct an inside look at wearable devices, and whether the data they provide is really effective for the older population. The discussion table will focus on the current use of these technologies, what kind of results are obtained and what potential benefits are extracted for patients and organizations.

At the end, the objective is to extract useful information for the early detection and monitoring of patients in cases of physical, cognitive impairment or loss of autonomy.

Further information on the session: with the heading: “Inside look at wearables and data: Which potential to tackle the loss of physical, cognitive or psychosocial autonomy of an ageing population?

Kwido, experts in technologic solutions for the elderly

In Kwido we have been betting on the remote care technologic solutions for the elderly for several years. We are experts in the Silver Economy sector, specifically in cognitive stimulation, health monitoring and virtual reality. Furthermore, we have recently started to use IoT technologies to ensure safe and independent environments for older people with cognitive impairment.

In the following lines, a summarize of some of the IoT and wearables projects in which we participate:

A remote care project along with the company Sacyr

In the following months, and with the social division of Sacyr as a partner, we will start to carry out a remote home care project for dependent people in Madrid.

The project will be conducted by using sensors, tags and activity wristbands in order to convert the elderlies’ homes in a connected space. The telecare company will receive alerts when anomalous behaviors or situations take place, with the objective of preventing possible risk situations.

At the end, the goal is to maximize the focus on prevention using an imperceptible system that guarantees the safety and autonomy of the patient and their families.

kwido home in the ageingfit event 2020

The European AAL PETAL project

The PETAL project is aimed at providing a platform to help older people to become more autonomous in their homes. In addition, PETAL seeks to turn into a highly helpful tool in the performance of the daily activities of their users.

Specifically, the project focuses on developing tools for adults with mild cognitive development. It seeks to increase the level of perception and control in users’ lifestyles, with devices that collect intuitive information in a non-intrusive way.

In this way, we work with light control systems in the homes, which help to create a comfortable and autonomous climate. In parallel, users exercise their brains with Kwido Mementia, a platform that helps them curb cognitive impairment through online exercises.

See you on the next January 28 in Nice to share more information about the potential of wearables and data collection inthe elderly care.