Kwido participates in the AAL Programme’s Coordinators Day

 March 20, 2019

At Kwido we continue to focus on European innovation meetings that will help us to continue to add value and be a leader in the Silver Economy sector. This time, we attended the Coordinators Day convened in Brussels by the European AAL Programme. The event served to gather advice on the management of research and development projects related to the application of technology to improve the lives of older people.

By participating in this event, we continue to position ourselves in Europe as a benchmark company in the technology for older people sector. A little over a month ago at the AAL Info Day in Brussels, our CEO, Iñaki Bartolomé, presented a potential new project to lead innovative solutions for accessible mobility for older people. The proposal seeks to develop an intelligent voice technology system which, together with a network of trained drivers, will help older people to get around easily.

Use this link to see a video of our CEO presenting the project

After participating in the AAL Programme’s Coordinators Day, we continue to generate synergies with our international partners to continue leading important eHealth projects for older people. Moreover, this training will allow us to lead some of the new projects funded by AAL, as creators and coordinators. We have now finished shaping the certification platform for coding and apps for older people (ZOCAALO Project); we have completed one year of development of the platform that integrates networks of shops and navigation assistance (IOANNA Project); we continue to use the latest technologies in IoT to monitor the behaviour of older people at home (PETAL Project), researching for detection and assistance at fragile levels (Fragile Project), using virtual reality and increasing cognitive stimulation solutions (VirtuAAL) and integrating Kwido with other European platforms such as EMMA and RelaxedCare to improve the quality of life of older people at home (DAPAS Project).

We continue to work for the well-being of older people, using innovation and technology to improve quality of life in old age.

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