Kwido will take part in AAL Forum 2019 in Denmark

 July 26, 2019

Kwido and Ideable we are looking towards technological innovation in Europe again. In this occasion, the importante date will be September in Denmark, when we will participate in AAL Forum 2019.

With this new AAL Forum celebration, the European AAL Programme carries on promoting the business opportunities’ generation around Active and Assisted Living. 

For this purpose, hundreds of European companies leading technological developments for the elderly will take part in the AAL Forum 2019. Ideable, as a pioneer company developing technology for caring will be one of the main participants. 

UPDATED INFORMATION: Meet us at the 26th stand of the exhibition area


¿What can you expect from us in the next AAL Forum 2019? 

We will be organizing a workshop 

Kwido we will be leading a workshop during on the 25th September morning session. The title will be “How do we attract big private & public buyers to the AAL Solutions?” and the aim of this encounter will be to come up with differentes ideas to improve the commercialization of the AAL Projects

The idea is to present the workshop in a participative way, encouraging the assistants to discuss and find the best solutions for the next questions:

  • ¿How could we improve the commercial success of the AAL Projects?
  • ¿Should the startups be natural leaders in the AAL Projects¿
  • ¿How could we redirect and take advantage of unsuccessful AAL Projects?   
  • As AAL Programme, ¿can we generate an ecosystem around the Silver Economy? If affirmative, ¿how do we attract investors?

More information

Find us in our stand with VR’ demos

ideable aal forum 2018
Ideable’s stand in the AAL Forum 2018th edition

On the three days of AAL Forum 2019 all visitors will be able to find us in our informative stand. We will be showing how Kwido works, and also exhibiting the latest IoT technology for health monitoring. Some privileged visitors will also have the chance to test VR serious games developed in the VirtuAAL project to improve cognitive impairment.

ideable aal forum 2019
VR & AR Demos

Further information about AAL Forum’s 2019 exhibitors:

We will be presenting some AAL projects in which we take part


(PErsonalizable assisTive Ambient monitoring and Lighting) Project is to provide a platform able to increase elderly autonomy and assist them in carrying out activities of daily living. In particular, we aim to support older adults affected by mild dementia with useful and usable means to increase their awareness and control of their current lifestyle by providing them with relevant and tailored information in an intuitive and natural manner

All the information about the project on:


VirtuAAL is a project that aims to combate cognitive impairment in elderly patients by using VR. Its main idea is the use of technology to reach efficiency in brain training. However, it also embraces a motivational point that resides on the use of stimulating advanced-technologies for medical therapies. 

All the information about the project on:


FrAAgile is a project that will use little-intrusive technologies in order to detect frailty in elderly people. The aim of this company is to prevent the elderly falling down with a real-time control of patients’ physical and mental health. 

All the information about the project on:


Ioanna’s project works to develop TIC solutions to improve elderly people mobility and also shopping in the town. The purpose is to make safer and easier the older adults’ day to day. Moreover, the project strengthen the local trade by creating an accessible linking between elderly adults living alone and the merchants.  

All the information about the project on:


DAPAS’ project is now developing a global solution to improve life quality in elderly people living alone in their homes. The project is build up by the integration of technological solutions already created, just as Kwido or EMMA ones. The more relevant functions in DAPAS will be the use of voice assistants and motion sensors at home. Moreover, the project will integrate cognitive stimulation online programmes for the patients’ therapy.

All the information about the project on:

See you in september in AAL Forum 2019!

AAL Programme is a a funding programme that aims to create better quality of life for older people and to strengthen industrial opportunities in the field of healthy ageing technology and innovation.